FSN Booth footage from Twinsfest

As I may or may not have promised in the last entry, here are the segments of all four of us who were at the second day of Twinsfest at the FSN North booth. But I don’t know why I wrote that since I have it in the video. Anyway, here’s the video:

Thanks for watching.


Wow! This is great Mateo! I heard the Twin’s GM at the SABR convention last year. yeah, too bad it was not done in person.

Emma- It really was. The only thing is I was told beforehand, and have to agree with it after speaking to him, but he is one of the most boring interviewees of a general manager out there. Not so much in his speaking, but he is very cliche in his answering of questions.

Awesome! That looked like it would be fun to record! You did a great job. You should really consider going into broadcasting…

Quinn- It was fun, but teleprompters make everything easier, so I don’t know if I really should consider broadcasting. Although, I have to admit that I at no time called it “Spock Sports North” like a certain someone who will probably read this.

HAHAHA! I’m dying…lol. That was very funny when Paul did that haha

Quinn- I actually wouldn’t have picked up on it had he not pointed it out to me.

Same here. haha. he told me and then I heard it after he told me.

Quinn- Oh, Paul. You could have saved yourself so much ridicule if you didn’t point that out to us.

Haha, he very much could have.

Wow! I wish I had been able to do something like this! The A’s had a ComcastSportsNet SportsNet Central Experience booth set up but a) The line was CRAZY long for it and b) I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to get in line! Very cool!

Nick- Yeah. It was pretty cool. Especially since you can see everyone else’s takes. One guy even got to interview Terry Ryan while they filmed.

Really? That’s awesome!

Nick- I imagine it was. I had to settle for an over-the-phone interview.

So you got to interview the GM of the Twins? That’s awesome!

Nick- It was, but we then found out we could have interviewed him in person, which was a downer.

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