Tours of Twinsfest

I know I promised you tours of both the inside and outside of Twinsfest and never delivered, so here, finally, are those two tours. Here is the outside of Twinsfest:

Next up is more than likely some footage of all of us doing the whole FSN booth thing along with some extra footage and pictures, maybe? Then hopefully, maybe we can get back into the swing of things with my workload hopefully settling down a bit compared to these past few weeks of school.

P.S. I have no clue what’s up with videos and the whole embedding thing. It’s weird. If you want to just see the videos straight from the source, subscribe to me on YouTube. (I know, I know; shameless plug.)


its Time To go To Target field To watch The Twins. Enough “T”s? I’m assuming you filmed this on Sunday? The metrodome looked so empty!
-Paul K

Paul- I did film this on Sunday right at the end, but what are you referring to with all of the “t”s? I filmed and edited most of this stuff so long ago I can’t remember what I said during them, so give me a time stamp.

I was just referring to your reply to seans comment…

Paul- Ah. I meant there are too many proper nouns involving the Twins that begin with the letter “t.”

Yeah, i know. I was just emphasizing it🙂

Paul- Well thank you for that.

Cool special effects this time!

Anonymous- Thanks. I assume you mean the sped up FSN bits?

Twinsfest, huh? Looks a lot like the dome?

Sean- There are too many “T”s involving this franchise for my ADHD mind.

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