February 2013

Complimentary Tickets!

Some of you may remember that I went to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Yes? No? Here are the links to my entries from Day 1 and Day 2, respectively. You may notice or remember that I took a ton of pictures with my “professional” camera. It turned out that the organizers of the conference found out about the pictures through my entries and ended up using a bunch of them. Most notably (as far as I can tell) for thumbnails for the videos of the different panels.

As a result of me giving them all the pictures I had, the chair of last year’s conference decided to give me a free ticket to this year’s conference. I even got my own specialty promo code (which is awesome):

Promo Code

Even though my business cards won’t get to me in time for the conference, it will be a great to experience all that is the conference once again.

I do have another near-tragic moment this week. This day in fact. You may remember that my good camera had water damage from my tour of Target Field in the snow (a bittersweet idea selection in retrospect). I thought it wouldn’t be repaired in time, but it turns out the camera will be ready in time for the conference. So it will be a lot less awkward than me showing up without a camera given that the complimentary tickets were given on account of me taking pictures last year and taking pictures for this year’s conference as well.

If you want to go ahead and read the two entries from last year, go ahead. That will be more or less what I write this year. I’ll try my hardest to get them out the day after the day that the event took place, but I will be going to the conference itself, so it  may not be that feasible for this to happen considering how long I would have to make the entries as long as I would like. With events like this I keep an especially large emphasis on the quality of the entry, even if that means getting it out a little later than I would like. With baseball games I go to a ton of them, so I can’t really take a week to get each entry out because I would never catch up. I also don’t know how closely I will be working with the event organizers in terms of my pictures or whether that will require me to spend any extra time at the conference itself as opposed to writing/organizing my entries after the conference’s events end.

Anyway, I leave for Boston Thursday morning (which should be fun in terms of homework since I’m going to be missing two days of class: yet another reason I’m not sure I can get entries out the day after the days which I am writing about.) and get there I believe around 7:00 EST. The conference’s Opening Remarks begin at 8:30 AM on Friday and the conferences closing ceremonies, ending with the Alpha Awards, end at 6:00 PM on Saturday. I then head back to St. Paul on Sunday at 10:15, landing at 3:00. If for whatever reason you’re there, come say hi, but look forward to some entries about the conference and possibly videos.

FSN Booth footage from Twinsfest

As I may or may not have promised in the last entry, here are the segments of all four of us who were at the second day of Twinsfest at the FSN North booth. But I don’t know why I wrote that since I have it in the video. Anyway, here’s the video:

Thanks for watching.

Tours of Twinsfest

I know I promised you tours of both the inside and outside of Twinsfest and never delivered, so here, finally, are those two tours. Here is the outside of Twinsfest:

Next up is more than likely some footage of all of us doing the whole FSN booth thing along with some extra footage and pictures, maybe? Then hopefully, maybe we can get back into the swing of things with my workload hopefully settling down a bit compared to these past few weeks of school.

P.S. I have no clue what’s up with videos and the whole embedding thing. It’s weird. If you want to just see the videos straight from the source, subscribe to me on YouTube. (I know, I know; shameless plug.)

MLB Fan Cave Endorsements

With the voting amongst MLB Fan Cave top-52 closing within the next two days, it’s time for me to official make my push for a couple of the candidates. I personally went through only most, but not all of the videos, so I can’t aptly judge the best of the best, but there are a couple candidates I would like you to vote for (or, if you’ve already voted for them, vote another 50 times for).


First of all, if you didn’t know, some resident MLBloggers made the top-52 list. Both of which come from the blog “Three Up, Three Down.” Here is a screenshot of their entry along with the link to the entry right here:

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.24.14 AM

That entry has everything that I could say about their campaign. Translation: I’m rushing to get this entry out and their videos are pretty much all you need to capture their essence enough to vote for them. So what are you waiting for? See the videos and vote for them. I’ll wait for you. I don’t normally do this, but I made it so that link opens up in a new window/tab, so you can go, vote for them, and this entry will still be up for you to read about the other contestant I’m endorsing.


The other person is actually a person I learned about exclusively on Twitter. So, here is Tom Bentley’s application video:

Go ahead and give him some love by clicking this link right hiagh! Sorry I haven’t been as active in writing as I would like to be/pseudo-promised in the last entry, but school has taken control of me. I do however, have one of two videos done for the next entry. After that I’ll be going back to the ever-popular poll for entry ideas.

So again, give them as much love as you can in 40-ish hours by just stuffing the MLB Fan Cave ballot-box this last day of voting.

Twinsfest- Day 3

Here’s the vlog for the third day of Twinsfest. I realize it’s about the same length as the first day. That is because I wanted to average that 9-10 minutes you guys voted for. However, if you notice, there is something missing. I didn’t include the tours of the inside and outside of the main grounds. I decided that, in the name of brevity in regards to this video, and fullness of the tour, I would make the tours their own separate video(s) that I would publish in a latter entry. Until tomorrow, then, here is the video for Twinsfest- Day 3:

Twinsfest- Day 2

So here’s the vlog for the second day of Twinsfest. It’s 15 minutes, so I don’t know how that averages out with the last one, but since no one told me what they want in the comments of the last entry, I’ll try to keep day 3 as short as I can:

Twinsfest- Day 1

Okay, so I put together a 6+ minute vlog for the first day of Twinsfest. I know that you guys voted for a 9-10 minute one, but I couldn’t get all of the footage off of Sean’s computer where I initially uploaded it to, so I only had enough footage for a six-minute vlog. Don’t worry, though. I have already edited day 2 and the time of that more than makes up for this. Speaking of which, I’m having a little trouble in uploading that video, but assuming I can get it uploaded, that video should be up here tomorrow. Also, I got one comment on Youtube itself, so I figured I’d address it here. The comment was: “Make the videos as long as you can.” So I ask you, people–do you want to see as long a video as it takes to encapsulate what Twinsfest was? I was planning on just making the average between the three between the three between nine and ten minutes, but let me know what you guys think of making it longer or that initial idea in the comments. Anyway, here is the video:

And also, I haven’t started editing the third video, as you may have guessed, so give me any feedback for that one. Or don’t. Your choice.

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