Martin Luther King Day Tribute Video

Hello. Welcome to Martin Luther King Day. Or I guess it’s possible that you’re reading this after then. Anyway, with it being Martin Luther King Day and the third ever World Baseball Classic around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to put together a tribute to the great minority figures in baseball throughout the years. Now I realize that Jackie Robinson paved the wave long before Dr. King, but I think we can all see how it would have been much more difficult for the magnitude of the influx of non-white players would have been without his push for civil rights. I thought it especially important in today’s game with the minimization of–well, everyone–but especially blacks in youth baseball and thus professional baseball, because it is that much easier to forget how rich a history it is. So anyway, here I give you, boys and girls, my tribute to…aw, I’m too lazy to look it up, so just read the title of the video:

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1. Ballhawk Interviews- 33 votes

2. Stadium Profiles- 26 votes

3. Ballhawk Profiles- 33 votes

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5. Tour Target Field when there’s snow on the ground- 26 votes

6. Weird Observing Baseball Facts and Records- 28 votes

7. New Observing Baseball Icon- 17 votes

8. MLBlogs I Recommend- 33 votes

9. Observing Baseball Trivia- 32 votes

10. My Favorite MLB Players- 28 votes

11. Characters of Observing Baseball- 29 votes

12. Gate Opening Times of MLB Stadiums- 30 votes

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Great video, Mateo. Really good and moving footage and you chose wonderful songs to go with it. One of your best! Nice work.

Anonymous- Well it was only one song, but thank you; I really appreciate it.

I just got something that said the content owner has not made this video available to mobile devices. Try watching it on a PC. So I think you have to make it available to mobile devices.

Quinn- I think I know what happened. It has copyrighted material, so it’s not available on mobile devices.

I refreshed it and it says video not available and the. I went to you YouTube page and it said video not available on this platform…weird.

How come it’s not letting me watch the video?

Quinn- I don’t know. It says it’s public. Try refreshing and let me know if you’re still having problems.

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