8/12/12 Braves at Mets: Citi Field

I thought I’d start off the entry with a “Before the Gates Open” video:

You just saw me snag my first ball of the day. On my second ball for the day, here’s what happened:

I ranged over a section and lined myself up with the ball. However, the lady in the picture was camped underneath the ball, so I didn’t reach in front of her. Instead, I waited for the ball to clank off her hands, picked it up, and gave it to her for even trying to catch the ball ( I almost didn’t, though because she started whining right as I picked up the ball that it wasn’t fair that I got the ball).

Then things went really dead. Nothing came even close to me. The boringness of this span is reflected by the only picture I took during it:

I don’t even really pay attention to Olney’s work as I don’t really watch baseball on ESPN anymore, but on this day he was “news”.

My next ball was my weirdest and perhaps most controversial of the season. Here is a picture to help visualize what I’m about to explain next:

A ball flew into the row behind the guy in the orange shirt (I was in the row below him). It then trickled down the steps, beneath the seats. It got all the way down to my row, so I grabbed the ball. The guy below the arrow then grabbed the ball as well, so, as I have always does this season, counted the ball and let go of the ball (I do this to avoid a system that may lead to confrontational or otherwise ugly situations for me). Then a weird thing happened. He said something like, “you got the ball first; here you go”. Then instinctually, since I don’t accept balls from other fans, I gave the ball away:

Later, on the recommendation of Zack, who I mentioned in the video, I moved over to the center field section for Juan Francsico’s swings. While I was there, either Francisco or another lefty hit a ball:

I ran up to the rail and leaned as far as I could with the railing at my upper stomach, but my black glove was just floppy enough that the ball hit the pocket but pulled my thumb flap back and the ball dropped and ran all the way to the home run apple. It’s frustrating to know that I would have had the ball with my old glove.


Anyway, the game itself was pretty interesting. I always love being at Sunday Night Baseball games. I don’t know why. Probably because I don’t have to get to the ballpark as early as I would have for a 7:00 game and the fact that I know I’m at the only night MLB game in the whole country. Given it was a SNB game, I decided to take a picture of the blimp hovering over my head:


As for the game, the Mets shelled the previously stellar Ben Sheets, but, in typical Mets fashion let their bullpen make things interesting. Until the ninth inning, the Mets were leading 6-1, but then the Mets’ relievers managed to walk and allow to score four Braves.



  • 3 Balls at this game (1 pictured because I gave 2 away)


Numbers 358-360 in my life:


  • 137 Balls in 31 Games= 4.42 Balls Per Game
  • 3 Balls x 24,891= 74,673 Competition Factor
  • 40 straight Games with at least 1 Ball
  • 16 straight Games with at least 2 Balls
  • 4 straight Games with at least 3 Balls
  • 85 Balls in 32 Games at Citi Field= 2.66 Balls Per Game
  • 32 straight Games with at least 1 Ball at Citi Field
  • 4 straight Games at Citi Field with at least 2 Balls
  • 4 straight Games with at least 3 Balls at Citi Field
  • Time Spent On Game 4:13- 12:17= 8 Hours 4 Minutes


Haha, love the videos man. I’m 110% sure I’d get lost trying to get to Citi Field and/or Yankee Stadium on the subway.

Matt- Thanks, I liked the Felix entry. I’d say it depends where you’re commuting from. If you’re going straight on the correct line to the stadium, it’s easy, but if you’re trying to get to Yankee Stadium from Staten Island, I don’t think I could even figure out how long it would take me. In general, the MTA is confusing and elaborate but reliable.

32 straight games with at least 1 ball at Citi Field! Insanity!
– Chris

Chris- It was a lot easier to just get on the board when it opened 2.5 hours early. That way, you could also ask the Mets pitchers for baseballs even if the Mets weren’t hitting when you got in.

Yeah I had a decent time last time I went, there was like nobody there. Hopefully I wasn’t in your way too much last night.

Chris (ch1088)- Oh, who were they playing. Also, YOU didn’t get in my way at all yesterday. There were enough other people in the stands to take care of that.

Last time I went, they played Atlanta.

Chris (ch1088)- I recommend your next game be when they play the Rockies for two reasons: 1) The Nationals were using 2 types of 2008 commemorative balls. So the Mets might bring some of them back with them. 2) David Wright has been hitting extremely well and is on career home run 199. With how he’s hitting, I’d say 200 will come sooner rather than later.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking of going vs. Colorado. I might have to.

Chris (ch1088)- Just to be clear, the two 2008 commemoratives are the Shea Stadium and Nationals Park balls.

Nice. I’ll probably go down tomorrow. I was about to ask if you were, but I remembered you are down in D.C.

Chris (ch1088)- Yep. I actually *was* debating coming up to New York for the series just because of Wright’s 200 HR. I might have if it weren’t my last series at Nationals Park this season.

Oh gotcha. Are you still going to Citi Saturday?

Chris (ch1088)- Yes, that’s still the plan unfortunately.

Lol, I hear ya. I’m going for the elusive 50th Anniversary Astros ball. It’s the last one I need!

Chris (ch1088)- I think I’ll be happy to get ANY ball that game, much less the Astros commemorative. I think I’ll try for that tomorrow.

Yea. I’ll be going hard for it Saturday, I can’t make it Friday/Sunday. Fingers crossed. Good luck tomorrow night. I wished I lived in NYC still. End of rant.

Chris (ch1088)- So you lived in the city at one point but don’t anymore?

Yeah I used to live in the Bronx. Now I live an hour North. I wish I could go to the amount you guys go to. But it’s nice when I get to go, I appreciate and enjoy it that much more.

Chris (ch1088)- Ah, got it. Westchester? And for the record, I have decided I won’t be ballhawking/showing up early tomorrow. I would have just dropped the game completely, but I have a guest at tomorrow’s game. I’ll be in section 106 if you want come say hi or whatever, though,

Alright. I’ll be bouncing around probably but I’ll say hey if I see you. How did you do tonight?

Chris (ch1088)- I don’t usually like to give away anything before I write the entries, so let’s just say it contributed to me not ballhawking at this game.

P.S. I *highly* doubt you will be getting an Astros ball tomorrow.


Chris (ch1088)- It’s so awesome, in fact, that I decided no to go to the game at all.

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